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This actress is 24 years old and has a white porcelain complexion that matches her blonde hair and big brown eyes, she’s the kind of Surfer Girl we’d like to fuck on the edge of a beach.

Mia Malkova’s beginnings were not easy, as she worked in a Mc Donalds since she was very young, but her perfect body could not go unnoticed for long, as her childhood friend, Natasha Malkova, introduced her little by little into the world of porn.
If she decided to record XXX porn videos, it was because she had a few dollars in her pocket, although she said in some of her interviews that she was no longer fucking just for the money, but for the pleasure and the porn she gave her, for which we will always be grateful.

This actress has about 5 synonyms and that’s not for nothing, as her fame and popularity has increased with the passage of time and that is that throughout her career she has achieved great recognition and despite not having been in the porn industry for a long time, today she can be one of the best porn actresses in her corporation.

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